BetSoft slot machines and gaming experience

Progress is being made big, and a lot of research and development is going on the way to the best game of vending machines. The result: high-quality games. The main part of the game library is video slot games, mostly based on a 5-role structure. In addition, there are also table games and other Gambling products to cover a market as wide as possible.

Take a look at our Betsoft Casino List and find new as well as longer existing ones of the best online casinos, all of which have been tested by our experts. We only show you Betsoft Online Casinos, which are licensed and trustworthy. In this article, you can also find out everything you need to know about the well-known manufacturer.

If you also want to use the Betsoft Games, you can use these online casinos, among other things:

Thanks to the excellent product range, the curriculum vitae of Betsoft is filled to the edge. In 2019, the studio was awarded two prestigious awards (RNG Casino Supplier of the Year and Game of the Year), which prove how far the developer has come.

Betsoft Gaming-a solid reputation with an international presence

The company "Betsoft Gaming" was founded in 2006 and is very well known in the gambling industry for the production of high-quality games with attractive functions, which the majority of the players enjoy. Like many other providers, Betsoft-Gaming has its headquarters in Malta and has a Class 4 Gaming License, issued by the Malta Gaming Authority, since 2014.

A clear indication of the fact that Betsoft has gone into the first league of game providers are the numerous honors and awards in the past two years. The following awards are just a small excerpt of the high-caliper titles.

And what does that have to do with Betsoft? Well, somehow her focus in collaboration with online casinos for a long time was on those with permission from the Caribbean. That doesn't mean their games have been rigged or in any way bad or unfair. They have, however, accepted that their slot machines are playable in casinos that are not entirely kosher.

Betsoft-The gaming experience

Betsoft's slot machines can all be played according to a similar pattern. First, you have to set the bet-then the player has to start the game. The rolls start to rotate and stop at random positions after a while. Now it turns out whether a winning combination appears or not-after that, the game starts from the front.

2018-The development continues, modern games will be released, new partners appear.

Betsoft also offers entire online casino packages that allow casino operators to easily and conveniently create secure online casino platforms. For us players, this means that in a Betsoft Casino everything is out of a cast. This not only benefits the gaming comfort, but also the security, as each casino is reviewed and licensed. In a Betsoft Online Casino, you can therefore play with calm conscience for real money.

Another good news: the Betsoft games have good payout rates with an average of 96%. This value is better than the majority of the competition-and the land-based casinos not to mention. This is also why this game developer is a choice par excellence for fans of good online slot machines.

Sugar Pop

As the name suggests, the Betsoft slot machine Sugar Pop is a special highlight for Naschkatzen. A lot of Lutschbonbons and Jewels determine what is happening at the Betsoft Casino. Although it's a candy slot machine, you don't need to worry about making your teeth. In the Betsoft slot, the makers have refraed from using classic paylines. Instead, everything can be combined with each other, so that interesting chances of winning are achieved. The payout rate for Sugar Pop is over 96%.

Take advantage of the opportunity to play the Betsoft Online Slots on your mobile device for free. You can do this in every Betsoft Casino. You only have to sign up and you can immediately play the game range free of charge for play money as long as you like.

Betsoft, however, is not limited to the production of slot games. In the games portfolio there is also a wide selection of card games, including blackjack and different poker variants, which you will be well entertained for a long time. But other table games such as roulette and craps can also be used.

Provider provides a too narrow selection of betting options. Normally you can put 100 or 150 coins per spin.

If you are able to wait 1 to 2 days, you can also write a detailed email to the customer service. In most cases, it is also worth taking a look at the FAQ. There are the most answers to the most common questions. Many Betsoft casinos also offer a contact form on which to contact customer service.

A counterpart to Betsoft would be Quickspin, a Swedish company that even didn't optimize all slot machines for mobile games in 2019. For this, however, the manufacturer offers other strengths, such as the collaboration with Playtech, a well-known developer.

Security of the Games

Betsoft places great value on a fair and safe game. To achieve this, the software forging works together with mathematicians and statisticians in order to achieve the indicated return-to-player value safely. This is important for both sides: the player is supposed to have a fair way to go home with more money than before and also to win a profit-the casino needs in total but the guarantee of a small house advantage so that it can work economically. Betsoft has long been fair, transparent and secure on all sides for this, and lets its games be verified by independent bodies.

Good Girl Bad Girl is one of the most popular video slots of Betsoft. As a special bonus feature, you can choose whether you want to play in Good Girl mode or rather than Bad Girl. In the former, you expect regular, but also smaller profits. Those who love the risk should therefore play in Bad Girl mode, because there are the really big profit opportunities waiting.

In general, you can distinguish between the bonus in two categories, at least as far as the welcome offer you can see as a new player: bonus without deposit and bonus on the first deposit.

A further extension of the Betsoft games is the Virtual Racebook 3D. It is an innovative idea that creates a horse's mass for life through software graphics. The player enjoys a panoramic view of the racehorses, as if he were on the verge of an actual race track.

Videopoker-The best option in this area is "Split Way Royal" with a payout rate of 99.8% at the correct game and six different video poker titles that can pay out over 99%.

Online casinos and the associated Casino Betsoft game store, which play online games for Betsoft, have become a special branch of the entertainment industry, which guarantees its users spectacular gaming experiences. The corresponding bonus embellishes the online casino. All are satisfied, the casino operator, software provider and the player. The potential player is so fascinated by his game that he actually forgets time and space. Tips or tricks don't use any of these Betsoft online casinos. The games are not programmed to produce massive profits through cunning and treachery. The customer should make the best of it and prefer to rely on his own luck and hope for a friendly coincidence.

Since the jackpots are tied to single online slots, prices do not accumulate as fast as the jackpots at Playtech and Microgaming slots, where multiple titles are connected via a jackpot network and all contribute to the accumulation of the pools. Since Betsoft's progressive slots are connected to several casinos that work with this software, the jackpots can still reach a six-digit amount of money.

Customer service

A good customer service is appreciated at the latest in case of emergency. This is on the side of the Council and the deed. In the online casinos, you can usually send your customer service via email, live chat, contact form and in most cases via a telephone hotline. As you will see, the service provider will have different contact times from provider to provider. The live chat offers the advantage that you immediately receive an answer and do not have to leave the site for the contact. On the case of a telephone hotline, however, a question can always be asked from both sides.

So if you're going to be behind a jackpot, you can easily challenge your luck with the help of the developer Betsoft.

Their games are bombastic, witty and masterful in implementation. The most striking feature is the elaborate 3D optics and the partly somewhat unconventional game ideas (even if they are mostly copper-plated). With the traditional car games from the pub, their online games only have something to do with them.

The game has been designed to work with Flash, so you'll need to update your software if you want to play it. Otherwise, it is entirely based on Texas Hold ' Em, so that classic poker players like to play against the house in this traditional poker game!

The games are completely independent of the game banks. So it doesn't matter if you have now loaded your credit with PayPal, by means of wire transfer or other methods, the game will not remember anything. This is very much to be welcomed, since there is a certain autonomy of the games, which can prevent the fraud of the casino.

Reaching up in the limit: As with all cash machines, here too, responsible games pay off in the long run. For only then, in the long term, we have the necessary financial resources at hand.

So if now player A loses its use of 50 euros ' player B can count purely statistically in an employment of 50 euros with a profit of 47 euros and has almost doubled its use with it. In order to maximize its profit, you should play games with high rates and high RTP.